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The Banking and Finance Industry Under Cybercriminal Siege: An Overview 22 октября An overview of the evolving risks and attacks that threaten banks and the financial industry, their company partners, and their clients. Winnti Group Resurfaces with PortReuse Backdoor, Now Engages in Illicit Cryptocurrency Mining 16 октября The Winnti group has been reported to be using a previously undocumented backdoor named PortReuse presumably as a jump-off point from where the threat actors can launch supply chain attacks.

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Hunting Threats on Twitter: How Social Media can be Used to Gather Actionable Electrum bitcoin miner Intelligence 30 июля Electrum bitcoin miner media is a content-rich platform many enterprises use, but how can InfoSec electrum bitcoin miner and security teams use it to gather threat intelligence that they can use electrum bitcoin miner protect their organizations?

Risks Under the Radar: Understanding Fileless Threats 29 июля Hackers use fileless threats to take free ripple faucet of existing applications and attack systems.

Here we discuss noteworthy events, techniques, and best practices that can help identify fileless threats and defend against attacks.

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Cybercrime and Exploits: Attacks on Unpatched Systems 19 июля A quick review of some electrum bitcoin miner the electrum bitcoin miner destructive cyberattacks and data breaches over the past few years show just how much damage unpatched vulnerabilities can inflict on an organization.

New Phishing Campaign Uses OneNote Audio to Lure Users to Fake Microsoft Login Page 08 июля In a new phishing campaign, audio recordings purportedly shared via OneNote were used as a lure to lead email recipients to a fake Electrum bitcoin miner login page that steals user account credentials. Understanding its current threat landscape can help reduce the impact of crimes like telecom fraud and prepare us for future threats in the age of the IoT.

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